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Partnership with Sun and Fun Travels
(Luxury Travel to the Caribbean)

Sun and Fun Travels.png

We are happy to announce that Mujavaz Scuba and Travels, LLC is partnering with Sun and Fun Travels, LLC to offer options for all-inclusive resort travel within the Caribbean.  

We’ve heard from many of you asking for recommended travel options in the Caribbean after traveling with us to the Maldives.  We are partnering with Pete Drab, owner of Sun and Fun Travels, in Illinois whose agency offers resort packages for golf, scuba diving, destination weddings, and more.  As you know, Mujavaz Scuba and Travels offers continuous, personalized travel assistance before and during your travel to the Maldives.  Sun and Fun Travels is another agency which does the same.  

Please feel free to visit the Sun and Fun Travels website here  If you are interested in receiving a FREE quote from them, please right click HERE (open hyperlink) and fill out the form. (Be sure to select Pete Drab as your agent and Mujavaz Scuba and Travels in the second pull down menu.)

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