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Mujey is a professional scuba diver instructor (PADI MSDT with an A+ rating), regulator technician and a Maldives travel expert located in Illinois.   Originally from the island Kaafu Guraidhoo, South Male' Atoll in the Maldives, Mujey is known for his love of all things related to the ocean.    Mujey met Arnavaz when she was scuba diving in the Maldives.   They began the longest distance relationship ever and later married.  Once Arnavaz retired, their lives shifted toward scuba full-time. 

Mujey provides dive guiding and instruction in northern Illinois and the Maldives

(both at dive shops and for educational institutions - most recently Guraidhoo Elementary

in the Maldives and New Trier High School in the USA).  Arnavaz assists with group

dives, travel planning and scheduling and is a PADI Divemaster and DSD Leader.   Due to their extensive dive experience in the Maldives, their ability to provide a personalized adventure is unique.

Mujey's home island is located in one of the best scuba diving regions in

the Maldives, and he is known for discovering dive sites across the

Maldives some of which are now world famousWhether you like 

sharks or nudibranchs, octopuses or whale sharks, mantas or

anemones, the Maldives has it all.   


Join us and let's go diving!!  Luxury resort travel to the Caribbean is also available.  For more information submit the contact form.

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