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My wife and I have been diving for well over a decade and are fortunate enough to have visited amazing dive sites all over the world. However, absolutely nothing compared to our experience in the Maldives on a trip run by Mujavaz Scuba and Travels. We did a one week liveaboard. The boat was spotless, the guests were all lovely and fun to spend time with (there wasn’t even that “one” weird guy – though maybe we were it!), and the food was just outstanding. But best of all, of course, were the dives expertly led by Mujey, Arnavaz and their staff. They are also great photographers, so seeing as we only had an old GoPro, we were fortunate enough to benefit from the many amazing photos that they took. We then extended our stay so that we could experience a Maldivian island. We spent 2-3 days on Guraidhoo, where we got to experience some Maldivian culture, spend time with locals, and of course, do world class diving! Even on the island based dives we saw sharks (lots of them), mantas (lots of them), and much more. My wife and I have talked about this experience many times since we came back. One thing we decided was that even though there are other exotic places we still want to check out at some point, our first choice will always be the Maldives! Take a trip with Mujavaz Scuba – it  will be an amazing experience that you will always remember.    Maricel Marcial and Yosef Mendelsohn

We discovered Mujey while looking into scuba certification options in Northfield, IL.  I was new to scuba and my partner needed a refresher after having been out of the water for over a decade.  Mujey has an easy, comfortable confidence about him. He quickly put my fears and concerns to rest, I suffer with asthma, as we moved through the course. Afterwards I asked him about the Maldives, diving, growing up there, etc. He shared that the Maldives has the most beautiful diving in the world. I have wanted to visit the Maldives for years, it’s been a bucket list destination. My partner and I decided to tack a trip on the back of our already planned India trip. Well the Maldives and Mujavaz travel did not disappoint! We arrived to be greeted with big smiles and many helping hands right off the transfer boat. From our “first touch” until our group send off 10 days later we were treated with utmost respect, safety first in all our dive experiences - 25 dives in 10 days, immediate responses to any raised questions or concerns from accommodations to food restrictions. They were always professional, courteous, responsive, positive and kind. We are already planning a return trip!  We came for diving and feel we left with new family and friends. If you have any questions feel free to contact me at      Jamie and Shelly

I met Mujey a couple months ago in Northfield starting my first steps to an open water diving certification.  At that time, I found out that Mujey is a native Maldivian.  He offered me the opportunity to do my certificate in the Maldives, and that he would take care of the travel and hospitality.  This was the first time in my life where someone has taken care of everything for me and guided me throughout, welcoming with open arms the whole duration.  I left the Maldives with new friendships and an amazing time.  If you were to ask me if I would do it again, there is no question, and I am already working towards going with Mujey on another experience.  Thank you once again.     Artur Nowak

I did 20 fantastic dives with Manta Divers organized by Mujavaz Scuba and Travels.  Every dive guide was amazing.  They all know exactly what they are doing and are very knowledgeable divers.  I had an amazing time and experience.  They made life easy and comfortable.  Loved diving with Mujey.  He does it the right way.  Keeps everyone completely safe while also having a super fun and exciting experience.  All of the guides will point out many cool sea creatures that I totally would have missed if it wasn't for them.  They take their time and are very patient, so you really don't have to worry at all.  Noone is rushing you.  Will definitely be back for more diving; hopefully, very soon.  Thank you again for a wonderful experience.      JR

My scuba diving trip in the Maldives was nothing short of extraordinary.  From the moment I descended into the crystal-clear waters, I was greeted by a mesmerizing underwater paradise.  The visibility was unparalleled, as if I had entered a world of untouched beauty and vibrant colors.  Every dive was a thrilling adventure with each moment a new breathtaking spectacle.  The marine life in the Maldives was beyond compare.  Majestic eagle rays gracefully glided through the currents.  And the coral reefs were like vibrant underwater gardens.  The tropical fish were amazing too!  The memories of those dives will forever hold a special place in my heart, reminding me of the remarkable wonders that lie beneath the surface of the ocean.  Mujavaz Scuba and Travels is amazing with their guiding us through all the criteria and experiences we had.  They were awesome hosts and the equipment we rented was above par.  I highly recommend using them in the future.     Ryan B

This was our first liveaboard trip and we are so thrilled that we entrusted it to Mujey and Arnavaz of Mujavaz Scuba and Travels.  They made the whole experience SO easy and were available regularly for communications, questions, etc.  We loved the local experience provided by Mujavaz ahead of the trip by being hosted on their home island and incorporated into their culture.  The liveaboard ship was beautiful with an incredible crew who went above and beyond our experience.  From a surprise guest wedding to a beautiful birthday cake for my husband - we couldn't have asked for more.  The diving was sensational, the dive TEAM was amazing, and we can't wait for our next trip.      The Youngs

The Maldives liveaboard trip was unbelievably amazing and safe, filled with a wide variety of dives including drift and night dives.  Traveled to different islands seeing a variety of sharks (including tiger and guitar sharks) and fishes.  Safety was always their top priority.  Accommodations and food were wonderful.   I plan to travel again with the same company.      MP

I have never experienced so many graceful sea creatures all in one location before.  The Maldives were a gem of a dive location.  Our trip guides (Mujey & Arnavaz) were gracious and made the trip a memorable one.      KWM

I just wanted to thank Mujavaz Scuba and Travels for a fantastic trip to Guraidhoo in the Maldives.  The help you provided every step of the way with checklists (I would otherwise have been wildly unprepared), making suggestions on airlines and accommodations (and what to expect), and especially walking me through the immigration process was extraordinary.  My travels have brought me around the world, but I have never experienced the personal and professional attention I received from Mujavaz Scuba.  Additionally, the diving itself was nothing less than spectacular!  I often judge the quality/enjoyment of a dive by whether or not I see something I have not before (or not in a long time). Every dive, and I scheduled 14 that week, I experienced some form of undersea life that I have never seen before this trip, making it truly a once in a lifetime experience.  Thank you for making this adventure so easy and fun!!       Bill C

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